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C Auton photo
C. Auton,
Fort Mill, SC
“I submitted my property to NewPath through their website and got a call almost immediately from them. I had been through a difficult time in my life and my house was my only asset and, to be honest, was in pretty bad shape. I was in a bind and Jeff found a creative way to get me what I needed for the house. He also gave me time to move then helped me find a place to rent and did exactly what he said he would do and more. He took over our loan and made our payments on time just like he said. He even kept me up to date on the renovations since I had many memories in the house and raised my kids there.”
J Bell After Photo
J. Bell,
Charlotte Area, NC
“I have been doing business with Jeff and NewPath for over a year and have always found them to be fair and honest and follow through with their promises. I have sold three houses to NewPath now and each time it was a pleasure to work with Jeff and his staff. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend working with NewPath.”
M Argenio photo
M. Argenio,
Charlotte, NC
“Jeff bought my house in 2017 and was patient with me and with my tenant. He closed like he said and then helped my tenant find a new place to live and even helped him move. I felt bad at first selling the house with the tenant in there, but the way Jeff handled it, the tenant was very happy.”
A and D Smith photo
A and D. Smith,
Charlotte, NC
“Our tenant had pretty much trashed our rental property. Jeff saw it and knew it needed a lot of work, but he also does alot of houses in the neighborhood so he knew how to remodel it and what he could sell it for. So we came to agreement on price and he was at the attorney's office to sign papers on closing day. Couldn't have worked out any better.”
J and M Hopper After Photo
J. and M. Hopper,
Charlotte, NC
“After our dad passed away, me and my brother had to decide what to do with his house. He was a heavy smoker and the house was in pretty bad shape. We entered the info on the website and met Jeff out there the same day. He inspected the house and we knew there was a lot of work. He gave us what we wanted for the house and worked with our brother to make sure everything was in order. We were a little anxious honestly, but he helped us understand how everything worked and kept in touch by text and phone probably every day.”

F. Argenio Photo
F. Argenio,
Charlotte, NC
“Jeff bought my brother's rental house next door so I already knew about his experience. My house was vacant for 2 years and I just did not know what to do with it. He helped me get my act together and was patient while I cleaned it out. They offered to help me several times, but I am stubborn. It took a while but we got it done.”
K Canup photo
K. Canup,
Charlotte, NC
“Jeff was great to work with. He gave me what I wanted for the house which was great. My ex wife had pretty much trashed the house, but Jeff saw the potential in the house and knew the market in our neighborhood since he had bought and sold 8 or so houses in there. They bought it quickly and now it is probably the nicest house on the block!”
T. Green Photo
T. Green,
Indian Trail, NC
“Our house was just too small for me, my wife, her mom and my daughter. It needed lots of work so we knew we couldn't list it. Plus it had crawlspace issues and termites. They came to see it within a day and made us a fair offer after we sent them the info on the website. Jeff even moved us into one of his rental houses in Mount Holly close to my work and we still rent that house from him. Overall great experience.
002_4110 Tamerlane Rd
T. Smith,
Charlotte, NC
“We had been letting a relative live in our old house for years and he let it go to the dogs literally. It was in really bad shape. I didn't even want to go in there and we had tons of code enforcement actions on it. We also got behind on payments because he wasn't paying us any rent. Jeff met us there and we had an offer in hours that worked for us. He dealt with our relative and getting his stuff out of the house which would have been impossible for us to do. We were able to get rid of the hassle of dealing with the house and now it is the nicest house on the street.”
E French Photo
E. French,
Charlotte, NC
“I called Jeff after meeting him at an HOA meeting probably a year earlier. He had been buying and renovating several houses in our neighborhood and seemed to have and interest in making it a better place to live. He seemed like an honest and straighforward investor so I kept his card. I had some health problems that didn't allow me to get up and down the stairs and needed to find something that worked better for me. I needed more than he could pay cash because of the work the house needed, but he explained about taking over my loan payments and how that worked. So because he was able to take over my loan, he was able to get me what I needed to move into an assisted living facility. He made the payments and paid the loan off within 6 months when he sold the house so it worked out great!”
L Scercy photo
L. Scercy,
Mooresville, NC
“Jeff made us an offer after we contacted them on the web. Looking back, we were unrealistic with our expectations on price at first. The house was basically a full gut job and Jeff knew that as soon as he saw it. He knows what he is doing with houses. He explained how he came up with his offer, but did not pressure us to sell it to him at all. It took us 6 months of trying to sell it to other people and we realized NewPath's offer was more than fair so we contacted them again and went ahead and signed the contract. They closed on the day we picked and we were able to move on.”
D Yox Photo
D. Yox,
Clover, SC
“My little manufactured home had been a rental for a while and the tenants were mean and nasty to me. I lost sleep and almost got an ulcer from dealing with them. Jeff was very gentle in dealing with me and the tenants. Even though the tenants were still difficult, I felt like Jeff made everything go a lot more smooth than if I had just tried to sell it on my own. I got what I had put into the house so I was happy to rid of that headache!”
J Hess Photo
J and M Hess,
Charlotte, NC

“Our mortgage was way behind and we were looking at maybe being foreclosed on. NewPath brought our loan current and took over our payments and made them on time. We were able to see online that the payments were being made. He fixed the house up quickly and sold it quickly so it helped our credit to have the loan paid off like that. I'd do it again if I had to.”
A Gentile Photo
A. Gentile,
Indian Trail, NC

“When Jeff originally looked at our dad's house, we came to an agreement to sell it to him. When he did the title search, they found a huge tax lien that made it so we could not sell it right away. Jeff followed up for over a year and a half with us until the lien dropped off and even paid us a little more than we had originally agreed upon because he knew the market had gone up since we first talked. The house had been vacant for years. NewPath paid cash for it and me and my siblings were able to move on.”

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